Hel's Throne

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heavenly sounds straight from hell
Come with us on a journey through the Nordic underworld
Formed in 2018, the German Symphonic Metal band HEL'S THRONE started their journey with a set of cover songs touring in the German club scene. After receiving great responses from the audience they decided to write own songs as the next step to find their identity as a band. HEL'S THRONE are able to create the brilliant balance between a heavy & powerful foundation on the one hand and adding an epic & orchestral sound on the other hand with a delightful ease. Paired with the amazing and strong female voice of front singer Bekka every song got the bands unique character.

After finishing the first couple of songs in 2020, HEL'S Throne contacted Lars Rettkowitz to produce their Debut album Ravens Flight at his Emperial-Sound Studio.
What followed were hard but yet inspiring record sessions and Lars helped to lift up the sound of Hel's Throne to the next level. As a special guest Christian "Litzer"
Litzba was found to perform the growls and dark voices of the album.

After finishing the studio sessions the band was absolutely impressed by his incredible voice, so they decided to offer him a full membership in Hel's Throne. In
September 2021 "Litzer" was introduced as the new member in the HEL'S THRONE family. After the studio work was done the band could proudly present their first album Ravens Flight.

The songs on Ravens Flight are about Norse mythology and especially Hel, the goddess inspiring the bands name with stories of her underworld. She is not only the relentless and cruel mistress who punishes evil souls. She is also the righteous one who rewards good souls depending on their former life and what they have done before. HEL'S Throne shows both sides of the goddess of death.

After the first great reviews of the album the italian record label "WormHoleDeath  Records" offered the band to support their musical career. HEL'S THRONE are very thankful that Carlo Belotti and WormHoleDeath believe in the band and their music and so a worldwide promotion and distribution deal with this great label was signed. The first success was not long in coming, HEL'S THRONE won 1st place in the category "Best Debut Album 2021" at the Metal Godesses Awards (https://metalgoddesses.com).

2022 began with a stroke of fate. Singer Bekka fell ill and as a result of her illness she left the band. Unfortunately her husband Schulle followed just a few weeks later. The band deeply regrets their decision and wishes them all the best for the future. A huge THANK YOU goes out to both of them for their great cooperation over the last few years.

After several auditions during early 2022 HEL'S THRONE found the voice everyone dreamed of after the leaving of Bekka. A warm welcome to the Hel's Throne family, Juli Blue! Also the guitar front is complete again, welcome Chrissy! We look forward to continuing our musical journey together with this new line up.
Stronger than ever!

2023 is our year, Hel's Throne turns 5!
There are a number of concerts coming up. We are particularly proud of the German tour of the gothic metal veterans CREMATORY, which we were allowed to support.
The second highlight of the year is coming on July 29th, our own festival "HELHEIM Open-Air".
As you can see, it's going to be exciting!
The powerful voice of HEL'S Throne
The guitarbeast with his incredible voice
The band's string magician
The master of black and white keys
The loudest drummer of the world
You can always go deeper
LCC Productions
Lea Ciara Czullay

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Hel's Throne GbR
Andreas Ziegler
Brückenstrasse 66
D-14913 Jüterbog
Hel's Throne GbR
Brückenstrasse 66
D-14913 Jüterbog
+49 (0) 172 3005319

LCC Productions
Lea Ciara Czullay

LCC Productions
Lea Ciara Czullay

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